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Apr 17, 2020




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Comments 100   
Queen Terrian
Queen Terrian 3 months ago
I’m going to most definitely try the Hawaiian rolls u made💜💜
Princess. Ky.
Princess. Ky. 4 months ago
babygrils1000 8 months ago
Love this video
Gmac The god
Gmac The god 8 months ago
I saw yo tiktok it told me to subscribe
IAmNyaAaliyah 9 months ago
what did she put in that butter?
Ivy Amaru95
Ivy Amaru95 9 months ago
That lunch looked so good😍🤤
The Prettiest Girl
The Prettiest Girl 9 months ago
Love this!
Alayia Phillips
Alayia Phillips 9 months ago
TM NATION 9 months ago
But she uses like a type of steak or something
TM NATION 9 months ago
My moms Hawaii king sliders are the best
Arhea Long
Arhea Long 9 months ago
Where Carmen?
Just Poetic
Just Poetic 9 months ago
Lmfaooo I’m so done with her and this singing😂😂😂
AllAbout Sierra
AllAbout Sierra 9 months ago
She Sung The Savage Song😂😂😂
Ke-Anna Clarke
Ke-Anna Clarke 9 months ago
nique with the singing of the tik toks 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Its Cloe
Its Cloe 9 months ago
I love you so much 😘 I wish I can meet you and have fun also I watch your videos and you got good content and when I need to laugh I go here Bc y’all are funny
Nicola Gordon
Nicola Gordon 9 months ago
Where is Carmen and airi😚😚😚
Queen 99
Queen 99 9 months ago
Wait where Carmen and Airi?
Mikayla Campbell
Mikayla Campbell 9 months ago
lmao Kaiser already tryna get some cheeks
Aniya Joi
Aniya Joi 9 months ago
hey nique i love you can you do a feminine hygiene video
Queen Gemini
Queen Gemini 9 months ago
Where's Airi
Jeremiah Williams
Jeremiah Williams 9 months ago
I follow you on tiktok girl
Trisha 9 months ago
U should do ( cooking a awful meal ) to see king reaction
Mahogany Hearn
Mahogany Hearn 9 months ago
Nique I didn't want to put it on yall channel so I did it on your channel do a prank on 😋😋king a hidden camera like he did u
Momi Mara
Momi Mara 9 months ago
That's the best of best😊 come 2hawaii &&& taste the real fresh1 uuu would soo love it😊 much love&&&& aloha from Hawaii 2yours🤙🌺🦈❤
Life With Jay
Life With Jay 9 months ago
Those loook sooooo good! Gonna try to make me some!
Tamia B
Tamia B 9 months ago
so where was carmen ?? yk your bsf ?
Mami Chula
Mami Chula 9 months ago
As of today there are a million cases....you’d think as a youtuber with more than a million following you, you’d set a better example or clarify if this was pre quarantine. You are not exempt from the rules just because u wanna have fun sis. We all wanna have fun 🤨🙄 I personally would like to be able to leave my damn house before next year so if y’all don’t mind staying home and away from ppl. Smh at least protect ur child if not yourself.
Sade Bonas
Sade Bonas 9 months ago
first off i love nique but this is TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLE!!! we are facing a pandemic its no joke this virus is fatal u never know who can have it... u guys are not social distancing... PLEASE think and put ur baby first younger children are at risk smh as a supporter for many years im disappointed by this... and anyone who mad thats yall business because if u truly supported them ud care about their saftey and let them know whats up.... so DONT come for me cuz idgaf 😐😐😐😐
Pink Rose'
Pink Rose' 9 months ago
Sade Bonus. Gurlllllll I couldn't have said it better myself! I can't believe how people are being so stupid about this! Thanx for speaking up Sis! 🙌🥂.
Doug Little jr
Doug Little jr 9 months ago
Chef #King and #Nique
Nani M
Nani M 9 months ago
“Idk if they my friends yet” LMAOOO me af
Queen Terrian
Queen Terrian 3 months ago
Yahmina Sarae
Yahmina Sarae 9 months ago
You have a son nique cant be having people over there like dat 🥺
Rayanna M
Rayanna M 9 months ago
That Hawaiian roll sandwich look good ima have to try it 😁 I’m glad the girls night was successful 🥳
Jackie Boucher
Jackie Boucher 9 months ago
Nique chews with her Tounge like me😭😭😭😭
Zyzy Love
Zyzy Love 9 months ago
Idk but don’t be so open to everyone ! Everybody ain’t your friend and people be wanting clout
DeErica Boles
DeErica Boles 9 months ago
Do more cooking videos I love you 💕❤️
ayanni !
ayanni ! 9 months ago
Half the people in these comments are kids and don’t understand the seriousness of this disease. A lot of youtubers are still going about their buisness doing as they please but really it’s only setting a bad example because the younger people who watch them won’t take quarantine as serious either. It’s not 'hating' it’s just being worried and wanting to make sure we can get this over with as fast as possible and that won’t happend if everybody is still hanging out with their friends or going places just to make yt videos. Don’t forget any one of you could have it and not know. That’s why it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Pink Rose'
Pink Rose' 9 months ago
ayanni ! She not that damn young that she don't know better than that! She being careless and stupid!
Sade Bonas
Sade Bonas 9 months ago
Yahmina Sarae
Yahmina Sarae 9 months ago
Tbh im 17 and ive always taken this serious and nique is in her 20s with a son i love her but they putting the kids in danger
libran076 9 months ago
You know what you're doing in the kitchen Nique... Never overindulging in seasoning, I like that. 😊 Hope you gals had a great time. It's needed with all that's going on. You and the fam, Stay well!!!! ❤ ❤❤
Diamond K
Diamond K 9 months ago
Where is ya hair from sis 😍😍😍
makenzie smith
makenzie smith 9 months ago
You should do a collaboration video with dearra .
Michela Jeanine
Michela Jeanine 9 months ago
You forgot me nique! I was post to be in the video
T'iney 9 months ago
Idk if I were friends yet straight out 😂
P&J Entertainment
P&J Entertainment 9 months ago
quanishaable 9 months ago
Eww touching her phone then touching the food.
quanishaable 8 months ago
@Ezzie nae i make sure im done cooking before i touch other stuff thats her and their food idc
quanishaable 8 months ago
Yes i do
Ezzie nae
Ezzie nae 8 months ago
quanishaable Question tho Do u wash ur hand every single time u touch your phone, or even the remote or anything when ur cooking?
quanishaable 9 months ago
Where was carmen ?
quanishaable 9 months ago
I wouldnt feel comfortable hanging with girls i just met in my house. Thats too early
Nikki Love
Nikki Love 9 months ago
Moodddd asfccc !!!
Pimpin Keith
Pimpin Keith 9 months ago
I Thought Nique Was Was Gonna Have Airi. Carmen. Tae And Cierra In This Video But I Guess Not LOL
CharMonroe 9 months ago
Why do people always make excuses for youtubers/celebrities? I love Nique but at the end of the day this isn’t social distancing or quarantining. Any one of you could be a carrier and not know, don’t forget some of you have babies too. Smh, very irresponsible
Pink Rose'
Pink Rose' 9 months ago
@CharMonroe Gurlllllll u are absolutely right! No matter their stupidity, we still gotta pray for them.
CharMonroe 9 months ago
Pink Rose' I know right! But those who don’t hear shall feel. God forbid anyone close to her dies from this because of their carelessness
Pink Rose'
Pink Rose' 9 months ago
@Sade Bonas Me too!
Pink Rose'
Pink Rose' 9 months ago
CharMonroe. Facts Sis! I can't believe how people are still being so careless about this! Especially her, she was just really sick and actually had to send her baby away, like WTF!
Sade Bonas
Sade Bonas 9 months ago
VERY FOOLISH this got me so mad she has a whole baby wth😐
JARVAH 9 months ago
Those sliders look great & now I’m hungry 💀
Rahmya White
Rahmya White 9 months ago
Kaiser getting biggg
Hennessy Aponte
Hennessy Aponte 9 months ago
Where’s Carmen
Reiona Alexis
Reiona Alexis 9 months ago
we love a blended vlog 🙃
God Fearing
God Fearing 9 months ago
That looks delish. Today is me an my fiance anniversary. We celebrate monthly. About to be two years in July...i can make this for him tmr. Thanks Nique and King❤
Leidianny Ramos
Leidianny Ramos 9 months ago
Oh I eat those. They good❤❤
Linda Smith
Linda Smith 9 months ago
Y’all was lit
Lexus Buckley
Lexus Buckley 9 months ago
Make the steak sliders next time, those good too
Pretty Ciaaa
Pretty Ciaaa 9 months ago
The voiceovers Thou 😂😂😂😂
Patricia Anderson
Patricia Anderson 9 months ago
Great vlog
Opal Robinson
Opal Robinson 9 months ago
Hey girl
Ammoriana Stevenson
Ammoriana Stevenson 9 months ago
Y'all was making a bunch of TIK TOKs. I love y'all lil girl group. Like this comment if you love Nique!!!❤️❤️❤️✌️
MIZ KaPoni
MIZ KaPoni 9 months ago
Mannnnnnn......thats just LIL KING runnin' around playin!!!! BLESSINGS YALL!!!
Iam CeCeJ
Iam CeCeJ 9 months ago
My favorite USliftr 🧐😍😍 post every day please 😂😅
Bey Slimm
Bey Slimm 9 months ago
She over there touching the food , then the phone 🤦🏽‍♀️😂
Queen Terrian
Queen Terrian 3 months ago
Its her phone and it’s her choice❤️
sexymocha0512 8 months ago
She touched her hair right b4 she opened the bag of rolls 🤷🏾‍♀️
Sade Bonas
Sade Bonas 9 months ago
thats nasty the phone get put down all over then its close to your mouth 😷
lishia nicole
lishia nicole 9 months ago
Beyonce Hughes she making a tiktok 😂
T Brooks
T Brooks 9 months ago
Nique do a leaving u for a gurl prank on king on the nique and king channel
life with miah
life with miah 9 months ago
Precious Dupree
Precious Dupree 9 months ago
DahBarbie TV
DahBarbie TV 9 months ago
Yess i love a girls night ❤️✨
Simply Kiyah
Simply Kiyah 9 months ago
omg ima have to make some of those they look sooo good🤤😋
rochelle jack
rochelle jack 9 months ago
One think king always helping out in the kitchen
Tametria Willis
Tametria Willis 9 months ago
#Nofilteratall 😂😂 Niq is blunt blunt lol
YSW TV 9 months ago
Those sliders look buss
K H 9 months ago
Social distancing does not mean only hanging around people you know.
Destini Graham
Destini Graham 9 months ago
🙄😒control urself not her if she wants to do that let her do it dang
Donterio Coolman
Donterio Coolman 9 months ago
Ashli A
Ashli A 9 months ago
Just look at Kaiser lol
Meme Patton
Meme Patton 9 months ago
Girl I made some last week too
Naaisha Rodgers
Naaisha Rodgers 9 months ago
This Video was dope yall was having mad fun an the sandwiches u mad looks bomb I love your videos
Guilene Larozar
Guilene Larozar 9 months ago
How much month separate your baby an carmen baby? Love yall❤
Teisha Daniels
Teisha Daniels 9 months ago
jacline herrington
jacline herrington 9 months ago
DI’Jha Marie
DI’Jha Marie 9 months ago
You ever thought about making a cooking channel separate?
rochelle jack
rochelle jack 9 months ago
Favourite youtuber
Ash Bash
Ash Bash 9 months ago
Is your Snapchat private?
Shemaiah Mayers
Shemaiah Mayers 9 months ago
Nique was like ''ion know if we friends yet'' lol love her
LaadyyBee92 9 months ago
So nobody notice sis got a tether on her ankle 😂😂
Avery Leach
Avery Leach 9 months ago
like fr lol
The Z Queen’s
The Z Queen’s 9 months ago
anyone else see this on tiktok
Cierra Richardson
Cierra Richardson 9 months ago
Awwww I love y’all energy
Asia Life
Asia Life 9 months ago
Nique I love your eyelashes is so cute 😍😍 I love Hawaiian bread is so good ❤️
Where is carmen. Niq did you finally cut her off for not being a good friend?
@lele sorry i can't watch every video because i just brought a house and I just took a residency in syracuse NY at upstate university hospital. I think we can say i am worrying about myself. So when I ask a question you as a real fan should be happy to answer. Thank you Please wear masks, goggles and gloves. Please strip all clothes at the door, wash in hot water and take a shower/bath asap. This will not be clearing up for a long time and you don't I promise don't want to die alone.
Jahmeela Downer
Jahmeela Downer 9 months ago
MyBloomingLife damn when did she say that?
MyBloomingLife 9 months ago
Jahmeela Downer nique did say she was thinking about cutting Carmen off cause carmen doesn’t make an effort to see her, but they’re friends rn
Jahmeela Downer
Jahmeela Downer 9 months ago
When was Carmen ever a bad friend?,last time I checked they are best friends...you need to get It together sis
DI’Jha Marie
DI’Jha Marie 9 months ago
Cierra Richardson
Cierra Richardson 9 months ago
Periodd Girll I love you so much ❤️❤️
Takenya Banks
Takenya Banks 9 months ago
me and my momcook those
Vibewith Lyric
Vibewith Lyric 9 months ago
Plz do sum with the girls like give them a makeover or 24 hours in a store
ad0re_ kel
ad0re_ kel 9 months ago
Hey people
Mariona 9 months ago
Making me some tonight! Thx NiQUE💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Stephanie Baker
Stephanie Baker 9 months ago
Awww Nique you're my friend. I've spent good quality time with you ( thru videos of course). It's been lit 😊
Stephanie Baker
Stephanie Baker 9 months ago
Nique posted ❗❗❗ I'm here for it 🤗🤗
zahara russell
zahara russell 9 months ago
Exõtic 9 months ago
De’Aija Arrianna Wdym? I said don’t @ me again. So what tf you talking about?
De’Aija Arrianna
De’Aija Arrianna 9 months ago
zahara russell baby if you come at me make sure i can understand it 🥴..
De’Aija Arrianna
De’Aija Arrianna 9 months ago
TheyloveBenita baby i did at you 🤣🤣, go read the comment again pooh😘.
YSW TV 9 months ago
Pink Rose' don’t @ me I don’t know you I said one thing ! So please hop off of me . Tanks 😣. Are y’all paying her bills telling her she needs to go on quarantine hell no so mind your business you don’t know if they got the disinfectant spray and spray they house before and after everybody leave y’all the one hating. But still giving views pls sit down tanks😶! Y’all just a bunch of lo ass children minding somebody else business maybe you should chill out and finish that online work ok bye that’s the only thing I had to say
Pink Rose'
Pink Rose' 9 months ago
@Exõtic Couldn't have said it better myself Sis! 🥂
Alfredina George
Alfredina George 9 months ago
love you sis
Skyes Life
Skyes Life 9 months ago
Can you do a q and a and if yes my question is who taught you to cook
Skyes Life
Skyes Life 9 months ago
I paused this video to see the cooking Tiktok bc I saw your phone
Ashley Annabel
Ashley Annabel 9 months ago
Ok Nique.❤😍
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